ELEEXP Quality Control


Quality Control is essential to ensure consistent production of the highest quality batteries. ELEEXP uses only top brand raw materials as well as the most reliable manufacturing equipment. To ensure every process, ELEEXP has established a series of QC stations which control everything from incoming raw materials to the final product shipment



ELEEXP offers a comprehensive range of testing and quality assurance solutions that include testing, quality-control, consultancy, and training. With knowledgeable laboratory staff, we take a customized approach to meet your objectives. We can evaluate your batteries for safety, transportation and environmental concerns against government regulations and industry standards. No matter where in the world you distribute your batteries, we can help you identify applicable requirements by both market and product type. We also can evaluate how a quality-control program can help your products gain access to multiple markets with one set of requirements.


Quality Philosophy

Electronics manufacturers face a difficult set of market forces, such as rapidly changing customer preferences, shrinking operating margins, managing a complex global supply chain, and uncertain demand. In order to help our customers, navigate this ever-changing landscape, ELEEXP endlessly improves our processes, products, and services to provide our customers with an exceptional customer experience. We will do things right the first time, all the time.


Quality Test

The following is a list of tests that Starlight products go through to ensure quality.


Capacity Test

Visual Inspection

Shelf Life Test

Vibration Test

Overcharge Test

Relief Value Test

Cycle Life Test