Certification Service
The Importance of Certification
Certification enables organizations to enter their relevant market with top level management standards, guaranteeing quality, sustainability and efficiency in their management and in environmental protection.
In order to meet the performance requirements for your target market, various safety standards must be addressed to ensure the safe use of electrical equipment with regards to shock, fire, mechanical, pressure, fluid and radiation hazards.
The Problem
Third party certification is an independent guarantee that a management system, product and/or service comply with the requirements defined by the applicable regulatory standards. Global and national standards exist to allow a consistent and unified approach to safety, ensuring safe product is placed on the market. Compliance to these standards requires a manufacturer to work closely with a Certification Body and test lab, and with many providers out there, choosing a partner can be time-consuming, expensive and uncertain.
Our Solution
We certify ELEEXP customized batteries against European and International Standards for explosion and functional safety. ELEEXP Services provides Customized Battery Certification Services worldwide. Our team of experts adopts a partnership approach, providing all relevant guidance and support from the very start. With the best project lead-times in the industry, competitive pricing models, and regular project updates, we can get you to market quickly and seamlessly.
The ELEEXP Certification Service Platform
By certifying compliance with international battery standards. ELEEXP helps customers protect themselves from unqualified competition and gives consumers the opportunity to base their buying choices on objective parameters.
Our main certification services include
CE Marking
Products to be sold in the European Union (EU) that come under certain European Directives/Regulations must bear the CE mark – it is a legal requirement. ELEEXP CE Marking Services offers for the purpose of obtaining CE Marking for our battery products.
UN 38.3
Nearly all lithium-ion batteries are required to pass section 38.3 of the UN manual of Tests and Criteria (UN transportation Testing). ELEEXP can test for conformance to the UN transportation Testing requirements and avoid costly delays.
RoHS, also known as Lead-free, stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. It restricts the use of six hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products. ELEEXP delivers a tailored service to take our custom batteries through the RoHS process quickly and efficiently.
Material safety data sheet (MSDS) is an important component of product stewardship, occupational safety and health. ELEEXP offers its customers end-to-end solutions for creating and updating safety data sheets for global regulatory compliance
Main Benefits
Certification is the most credible way to demonstrate excellence and drive continuous improvement:
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability
  • Dedicated solutions to meet your unique business challenges
  • Give the market guarantees about the quality and safety of the production process and the conditions for the use of the battery
  • Document traceability and repeatability of battery data and information
  • Provide clear, recognized and reliable information to the market and to clients
  • Knock down technical and commercial barriers to the sale of batteries
  • Acquire new clients
  • Improve the sustainability process of products and services.