ELEEXP Products and Services
Our Excellence
How We Give You an Advantage
Battery Knowledge
Our design knowledge, manufacturing experience, material expertise and battery data are part of every service we provide.
Advanced Technologies
Our commitment to research and development helps keep our batteries safe, reliable and available – and your business efficient.
Quality Commitment
Our support of your success starts when you acquire our battery and continues as you utilize/sale/operate them daily.
Unparalleled Integration
Our battery solutions can span your enterprise. And we can integrate battery solutions to give your business maximum performance.
Passionate People
ELEEXP people are with you every day, working around the clock to support your business. Experienced, knowledgeable and committed.
World Class Customer Support
Predictive, Proactive Customer Support
By collecting, monitoring and analyzing performance data on batteries, ELEEXP helps predict faults and prevent battery failures before they occur.
Comprehensive Service Portfolio
ELEEXP Services is a global provider of innovative, cost effective battery solutions. We offer a full-spectrum of support. We respond to customers’ urgent technical problems, engineering issues and certification requirements around the clock and around the globe. ELEEXP experts in battery operations, material selecting, battery certification provides comprehensive battery support to handle designs, materials and certification issues.
ELEEXP Quality
Advanced design, quality control, and superior material and components deliver premium product quality. Coupled with stringent testing procedures, ELEEXP provide affordable high quality battery solution with certainty.
At a Glance:
Long Cycle Life
ELEEXP battery retains up to 90% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge
Flat Discharge Voltage
Our use of specialty material creates a flat discharge voltage profile, allowing the production of stable power throughout the discharge period of the battery.
High Power Density
ELEEXP lithium-ion batteries last longer with higher power density for more battery life in a lighter package
Environmental Friendly
ELEEXP has determined all batteries are RoHS Compliant with no heavy metals or other hazardous substances.