ELEEXP's engineering team puts their extensive experience to work designing and manufacturing custom battery solution. From the design and prototyping stages through full production and certification, you can count on ELEEXP to deliver the perfect custom battery solution for your application.
Customized Battery Process
Customized Packaging Solution
We have developed custom enclosures for our batteries. Our packaging solutions include custom cases, shells, protectors (anti-static warp/foam package) and laminated films.
Tailored Battery Solution
The Tailored Battery Solutions include Battery Certification Solutions and Customized Design Solutions – supporting the batteries supply chain, engineering and branding needs now and in the future.
Battery Certification Solutions
Can offer an end-to-end certification service to meet your needs. ELEEXP enjoys recognition agreements with prominent certification bodies, enabling us to offer a cost-effective entry into these international markets with our customized battery. We can test and assess your customized battery against your specific requirements of International standards
Customized Solutions
Include battery planning, designing, supplier management and component selecting, unlocking customer resources, reducing costs and improving efficiency.